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Poultry Waste Bio Fertilizer Machine for Sale

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Product Description

Product Description:

Appearance  Black Brown liquid
Water solubility  Completely
Smell  Seaweed smell
Alginic acid  50g/L min
Organic matter  300g/L min
Mannitol  5g/L min
Amino acid  6g/L min
K2O  50g/L min
Cytokinin& Gibberellin  200ppm min
Trace elements  20g/L min
pH  8.0-10.0

Function & Benefits:
 √ Reduce usage of traditional fertilizer and pesticide, Improve flavor and quality of crop, supply healthy food.
 √ Induced plants produce endogenous hormones, delaying senescence, promote early, with a significant increase yield
 √ Improve crop micro-ecological environment, activation of the soil, increase soil group, preventing compaction
 √ Activation of damaged cells, rapid recovery root physiological function, and promote root development, enhanced drought, cold, disease resistance
 √ Increasing the content of organic matter, dissolving Phosphor, Decomposition Potassium, fixing Nitrogen, activation and utilization of soil phosphorus and potassium, improved secondary salinization, improve fertilizer use efficiency
 √ Control Diseases Due to Continuous Cropping has a significant effect
 √ Natural, no residue, no injury, safety and environmental protection, non-toxic side effects, significantly reduce fertilizer pollution. 

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